Aquadale may be the shortest-lived incorporated community in North Carolina history.  The Stanly County Community named for water (aqua) and valley (dale) was incorporated in 1943.  Two years later, the community revoked its charter.

During the 1990s, Aquadale and nearby residents formed the community group, Stanly Citizens Opposed to Toxic Chemical Hazards (SCOTCH).  The organization was formed in response to concerns about the former Solite Company burning hazardous waste at their Aquadale Plant.  Solite burned to the hazardous waste to fuel oven at their concrete block plant.  Residents were concerned about the emissions impacting the environment and their general health.

Over a decade of work, SCOTCH was able to have Carolina Solite stop incinerating hazardous waste and comply with state and federal regulations.  In 2004, the plant was sold and is now operated by Hedrick Industries.

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