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What-A-Burger - A Piedmont Classic

The classic drive-in restaurant.  It's a piece of mid-20th Century America that has been slowly fading away from the landscape.  On a warm summer's night or a perfectly crisp autumn evening, it was the place to go for a bite to eat.  Pull right in, park your car, glance over the menu, press the button, and place your order through the crackling speaker.  Then enjoy the wait with your family or snuggle with your date.  Sure, there are Sonic's , but the original style drive-ins are increasingly hard to find.   However, in the small towns and cities north of Charlotte, the classic drive-in remains strong at the local What-A-Burger .  Not to be confused with the growing Texas fast food chain, the individually numbered What-A-Burger drive-in's have been a Piedmont staple since the mid-1950s.  Owned and operated by the Bost Family - there are locations in Kannapolis, Concord, and Mooresville.  Yet another What-A-Burger, What-A-Burger 13 , is owned by another group of Bosts. W

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