Mount Ulla

MOUNT ULLA - A rural community and township in Rowan County.  Mount Ulla is presumably named after a village in Ireland name Oola.  Which is fitting as a number of Scotch-Irish settled in the area during the 1700s.  A Post Office was established here in 1830 as Wood Grove but changed to Mount Ulla in 1843.

However, there are different accounts and theories on where the name Mount Ulla came from.  They range from biblical references, Gaelic origins, and even a river in Spain.

Just up the road in the community of Bear Poplar - the Mount Ulla Community Barn Quilt stands on the side of the West Rowan Farm, Home & Garden Store.  Unveiled in July 2019, the quilt encompasses a total of 500 square feet which makes it the largest in the United States.

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