The community of Farmington in Davie County began in the early 1800s when many residents of Currituck County left the coast weary of several hurricanes and in search of better farmland.  There were enough former Currituck County residents in the area that it became known as Little Currituck.

Little Currituck would be the informal name of the surrounding area until a post office was established in 1837.  It was then when the name changed to Farmington - due to the fertile farming land that had attracted the Currituck residents to the area.

Since then, Farmington has remained a small rural community.  There is no real downtown; yet there are a number of historical churches and other buildings that earned it a National Historic District in 2010.  One of the historic buildings within the district is the Farmington United Methodist Church which sits on property donated to the church by George Wesley Johnson.  The church was completed in 1882 and remains today.  The tree lined natural walkway from Farmington Road is impressive.

All photos taken by post author - July 4, 2020

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