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Bill's Truck Stop - Linwood

Interstate 85's 235 miles through North Carolina are not entirely that spectacular.  Not entirely scenic, 85 also lacks the well known 'South of The Border' billboards that dot the landscape surrounding Interstate 95.  Nor does it run along the impressive skyline of Charlotte like Interstate 77. Big Bill has been waving to Interstate 85 travelers since 1968 But around mile marker 86, there is one landmark that many drivers along the now eight lanes of  I-85 can point to for over 50 years.  It is 'Big Bill' - the towering 31-foot tall Paul Bunyon-like statue that sends a friendly wave to all that drive by. 'Big Bill' is part of independently-owned Bill's Truck Stop , which has been operating at I-85 and Belmont Road (Exit 86) since 1968.   Bill's is one of the last classic style truck stops on the American Interstate.  It has many amenities of the larger stops - a sit-down restaurant, garage, showers, laundry service, and even a radio repair shop.  Ye

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