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The Dueling Andrew Jackson Birthplace Monuments

North and South Carolina have many rivalries - BBQ, beaches, flagship universities that both claim to be the 'Real Carolina' - and to a lesser extent, the birthplace of Andrew Jackson.  Somewhere in modern-day Union County in North Carolina or Lancaster County in South Carolina, the seventh President of the United States was born. The North Carolina Andrew Jackson Birthplace Monument - which is only accessible via South Carolina. Both states have monuments dedicated to Jackson's birthplace no more than two miles from each other. South Carolina's is located within a state park named after the former President.  North Carolina's monument was erected first, but it is only accessible via South Carolina. So where was Andrew Jackson born?  In the Waxhaws region of the Carolinas - an area of land home to the Waxhaw Tribe that consists of both states.  The South Carolina Andrew Jackson Birthplace Monument is located within Andrew Jackson State Park. Jackson was either born

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