Updated Resources

Well after nearly 17 years - I decided to update my main resource.  Flashback to 2000, I had just recently moved to North Carolina from Pennsylvania and was living in Fayetteville.  I somehow came across that a library or historical group was hosting a speaker on North Carolina Town Names or something like that.  It was that event that introduced me to one of my main resources in this project, The North Carolina Gazetteer - A Dictionary of Tar Heel Places and Their History by William S. Powell.

A few years ago - a second edition was published.  I held off on purchasing it, but the old book (on the left) was starting to get worn and was certain to fall apart soon.  Plus, the second edition has 1,200 additional entries and included the work of Michael Hill.  Slowly but surely my collection of items for research for this project and just this state in general continues to grow. 

The Gazetteer is available at many bookstores within the state - or on Amazon.  You can directly purchase the book via amazon through the link below.


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