Former Johnson's Crown - Chatham County

One of the things I like about this project - and more importantly am enjoying since I started working on it again - is some of the surprises that you come across throughout the state. Take for example the long abandoned Johnson's Crown station along NC 87 in Chatham County somewhere Northwest of Pittsboro.

On this particular find, some friends and I were roadtripping to check out a newly opened stretch of Interstate 74 near Asheboro.  We took a circuitous route there and back and part of the route was NC 87.  I am not sure how long this station has been abandoned and my favorite part of the find was the old Esso gas price board that if you look closely wasn't made for $3.00 gas or even $1.00 gas for that matter.

But this past week when I looked at these photos again.  I noticed a few more things about this old station that I had forgotten.  If you look above the price board, you see "oil - gas" So when you look at a wider shot of this sign - you find....

Tools and groceries - so this served more as a general store and maybe even a repair shop.  I can't make out what the wording on the grey weathered boards are for.  I am guessing Johnson something or other - possibly a phone number as well.

 They sold Pet Ice Cream here.
The old gas pump was adjusted for $1.00+ gas - so maybe the old Esso board was something they just kept.  As I go through my photos - and as I get back to doing more trips like this in the coming years - I am looking forward to sharing more of these finds.  I think they'll find a good home here.


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