Reno Sharpe's Store - Chatham County

It is hard to describe the simple beauty of Reno Sharpe's Store in rural Chatham County.  It might be the old 'Esso' sign you first see as you approach the store on Pittsboro-Goldston Road.  The sign seems to announce, "There's something special here."  Then as you drive closer, the gravel driveway, the greyish-brown wood-plank-sided buildings, and the simple yet inviting front porch, all under a grove of tall trees encourage you - if not demand you - to stop and look around.

Reno's Store dates back to 1883 and was first operated by Calvin C. Sharpe.  Sharpe moved the store to its present location in the 1920s. His grandson Reno took over the reins in 1941.  Reno Sharpe ran the store until his passing in 2009.

Sharpe's Store consists of three buildings - but there's a hidden gem in the back.  An outdoor stage - complete with picnic tables and benches - sits in a clearing underneath the trees.  Since 1999, the stage has been home to occasional bluegrass, gospel, and jam sessions.  During the summer season, performances can be as frequent as the first and third Saturday of each month.

On Saturday Mornings, Bluegrass music brings Reno's back to life.

Walking the grounds - time slows down, and everything is inviting.  If the breeze kicks up enough, you could almost hear the front porch conversations that went on for decades here. I think I can make an excuse to come back here on a Saturday morning.

All photos taken by post author - June 17, 2024.

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