Alvin's Oil Company and Automotive Center

In rural Randolph County along Highway 22, the was an old automotive shop between Lineberry and Grays Chapel.  Alvin's Oil Company and Automotive Center was a combination of a convenience store, gas station, and repair garage.

By 2010, Alvin's no longer sold gas - but the repair shop and corner store were still operating.  In the field across NC 22, there was a classic yellow GMC pickup truck.

Alvin's is no longer open.  The gas pumps are gone - and the building was for sale in 2021.  All of the signage for Alvin's is no more, including the old Coca-Cola sign that sat across from the business.  Based on historic Google Street View captures, Alvin's closed sometime after May 2013.

If you know of the history of Alvin's - please leave a comment below or drop me an e-mail.

All photos taken by post author - November 2010.


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