Ramseur Revisited

Downtown Ramseur

Recently, I posted a feature on the Town of Ramseur.  The photos were admittedly dated - from November 2010.  Fortunately, they were still well received, but it was suggested that I come back and visit the town as there were new businesses open and some things had changed.

Magnolias on Main took over for an old auto parts store that was abandoned when I visited in 2010.

And yes, there are a lot of new items in Ramseur.  An entire block of closed businesses has seen new life.  The building that was home to Napa Auto Parts is now home to Magnolias on Main - an antiques and collectibles shop that also has many locally crafted products. Also, the two adjoining storefronts - also empty in 2010 - are now home to a hair salon and a local cell phone sales/service and shipping services store.

This mural replicating an old Coca-Cola advertisement was painted in 2016.

Even with the changes, a few familiar faces, like Luck's TV and the Ramseur Community Museum, are still around.  There is also a new mural replicating an old Coca-Cola advertisement.  Like any small town, there are still empty storefronts, but Downtown Ramseur appears to be going in the right direction.

The Deep River Trail can bring a lot of opportunities to Ramseur.

Personally, what I consider the most important new item to Downtown Ramseur was a sign for the Deep River State Trail.  The Deep River Trail is a hiking/biking and paddling trail that will run from near Jamestown in Guilford County to its confluence with Cape Fear River in Lee County.  Currently, the Ramseur Rail Trail - a 1.2-mile trail that will eventually connect to the nearby Franklinville Rail Trail - runs along the Deep River through town.

The Deep River Trail will certainly bring outdoor visitors to Ramseur.  In time, it is entirely possible that a bike shop, an ice cream shop, and more could appear on Main Street as hikers, bicyclists, and paddlers make a stop on their adventures.

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