Corner Grocery - Knightdale

There is still a lot of rural charm in Eastern Wake County and part of that charm are the rural corner or country stores that can be found at what seems like every crossroad in the area.  Many are now closed, but a few still operate.  One of those corner stores remaining in operation sits a few miles south of the busy six lane US 64 freeway in Knightdale.  This little country store is the Corner Grocery at the intersection of Poole and Smithfield Roads.

It's the whitewashed siding (though in this case grey vinyl), the metal or tin roof, hardwood floors, and the old coca-cola signs with old style gas pumps.  It's the top off the tank, grab some smokes and cokes type of country store that is a staple of rural life.  That is what you find here.

This corner grocery was once known as Willoughby's Grocery and is fondly remembered by many long time residents of Eastern Wake County.


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