Mooresville and its Ghost Signs

The Iredell County town of Mooresville is a growing community.  Best known for being the modern home of Lowe's Home Improvement and numerous NASCAR and Indy Car teams.  The town began when John Moore donated his land to construct a railroad depot known as Moore's Siding.  Moore's Siding would continue to grow and by 1873 the name was changed to Mooresville.

Over the last 150 years, Mooresville has continued to grow and is home to a charming downtown complete with numerous restaurants, specialty stores, breweries, and more.  

Main Street is also home to the North Carolina Auto Racing Walk of Fame.  The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame is located a few miles to the west from Downtown.  Many auto racing teams headquarters are open to the public to visit and are located not far from Downtown

Mooresville's rail roots are still strong as the railroad still runs through town - a block to the west of Main Street.  The former rail depot serves as an art gallery.

Yet one of the more unique features of Downtown Mooresville are the healthy amount of ghost sign advertisements that are either restored or remain in their original state.  A walk through downtown on Main and Broad Streets can fill your camera up with numerous old advertisements.  

There are also a number of great restored signs in town as well.

I know there are more so a Part Two to this series will occur some day!

All photos taken by post author - July 4, 2020
Mooresville Ghost Sign Map:


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