Bear Poplar

BEAR POPLAR - Rural Rowan County Community located on NC 801 with a rather unique name.  The name comes from the story of Thomas Cowan - a Revolutionary War Veteran - had spotted a bear in a poplar tree while on a walk with his wife.  Cowan would get his rifle and remove the bear from the tree.

Bear Poplar also had an interesting name prior.  The community was once named Forty-Four as it sat 44 miles from what is now Winston-Salem and Charlotte.  It was also known as Rocky Mount.  When a post office was established here in 1878 - the Bear Poplar name stuck.

On the Mount Ulla Community Barn Quilt - a reference is made to the name Forty-Four within a patch of the quilt that includes a compass with the number 44 and notes the 44 miles to Charlotte and Winston-Salem.

How To Get There:


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