Wadesboro is one of the few remaining small towns Highway 74 has yet to bypass in North Carolina.  The town of just over 5,000 residents has served as the Anson County seat since the late 1700s

The intersection of Greene and Wade in Uptown Wadesboro in 1923.  Parson's Drug is the corner building.  (Image courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina)

Wadesboro was first called New Town, but the name changed to Wadesborough in 1787 in honor of Colonel Thomas Wade, who fought in the Revolutionary War.  Like many other North Carolina towns, the name was later shortened to Wadesboro.

Anson County Courthouse

Wadesboro is where Andrew Jackson received his law license in 1787.  The current Anson County courthouse, built in 1912, is the sixth county courthouse in Wadesboro.

The Ansonia Theatre

The Central Business District of Wadesboro sits on a hill above Highways 52 and 74, known as Uptown Wadesboro.  Uptown Wadesboro is home to a small arts district anchored by the restored Ansonia Theatre.  The theatre is home to many stage productions throughout the year.

Mural honoring the late Blues legend Blind Boy Fuller

Wadesboro is the birthplace of Blues legend Blind Boy Fuller (Fulton Allen).  Born in 1907 - or by some accounts 1904 - Fuller was completely blind by 1928.  He's one of the best-known artists of the Piedmont Blues style.  His music influenced The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, and Bob Dylan, among others.  Fuller passed away in 1941.

The large 'Rexall' Parson Drugs sign makes Parson's Drug an easily recognizable Uptown landmark.

Uptown Wadesboro has many historic storefronts and businesses that have served the community for over 100 years.  Parson's Drug has served Anson County since 1875 at the corner of Greene and Wade.  The H.W. Little Hardware Company has operated from its Greene Street location since 1894.

H.W. Little Hardware has served Wadesboro and Anson County since 1894.

The former Belk Building on Greene Street is another storefront that dates to the 1800s.  The Belk Department Store opened in Wadesboro in 1925.  The building was originally home to a hardware store.  During renovations in 2012, many features of the former Belk store were uncovered.  It is now home to several departments of the Anson County Government.

The restored Belk building is now home to Anson County offices. Before being a Belk, this building was home to the Allen Hardware Company.

All photos unless otherwise noted taken by post author - July 2023.

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