Super Service Restaurant - Ruby, SC

Have you ever traveled past an old, abandoned highway stop and wondered what it was like when it was open?  That is certainly the case for an old restaurant and accompanying service garage on South Carolina Highway 9 just east of Ruby.

I came across this well-preserved and well-fenced pair in the Summer of 2023.  The restaurant appears to be named the Super Service Restaurant. Was it part of a mid-20th century truck stop like complex? 

What I do know is that the restaurant served all kinds of sandwiches and "regular meals."  It also had restrooms for ladies & gentlemen.  Could it also have been some form of a laundromat - the words 'Wash' and 'Dry' can barely be made out inside the circles above the awnings.

The service station had two large bays - an office/waiting room with an old air conditioner.  During the 1980s, it was an Exxon station.  Also, there appears to be some sort of hot dog or fruit stand next to the left of it.  That building no longer stands.  The overall property is fenced off, so it was not wise to investigate.  But fortunately, there was room on the shoulder of the highway to take photos.

Do you know anything about this pair of old buildings?  When did it close? Were there additional buildings?  Leave a comment below - or drop me an e-mail.  I'd love to learn more about this place.

All photos taken by post author - July 2023.

Where To Find It:


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