Green Level Community Store

In growing Wake County, it is increasingly difficult to find rural charm.  As new suburban growth and communities continue to spread, old country corner stores get harder to find.  The former Green Level Community Store in Southwestern Wake County was one of those country stores lost.

A Pepsi bottle cap logo used to be above the community store sign.  It does appear that "Community Store" was pained over another word.

The store was located in the Green Level Community west of Cary.  Like many stores, it was found at the rural intersection of two country roads (Green Level and Green Level Church).  Here, locals could fill up their gas tanks, grab a soda (at Green Level, Pepsi appeared to be the beverage of choice), grab some snacks, and probably some feed or seed for their farms.

An old American Oil Company (AMOCO) gas pump. 

Green Level Community Store opened in 1945 and was first operated by Albert M. Council.  Later, Kenneth Mills ran the store.  He would add a side shed to the building.  The store would be open for decades; however, by 2010, it had long been closed.  The Green Level store and its surroundings became part of a local nursery.

Sadly, sometime between April 2010 - when these photos were taken - and May 2012, the store was torn down.

The Green Level Community was established in the early 19th Century.  Today, the community is part of the Town of Cary.  Recently, a new high school, Green Level High School, opened nearby.

All photos taken by post author - April 2010.


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