The Wilson County town of Stantonsburg has a unique history of being incorporated three times.   The first time was in December 1817.   At the time, Stantonsburg was within the boundaries of Edgecombe County.  Shortly after the Civil War, Stantonsburg lost its charter but was reincorporated in 1873.  A devastating fire in 1890 led to another lapse in the town charter.  After the recovery of the community, Stantonsburg was again incorporated as a town in 1909 and has remained an active town since.

The only remnant of this building is the facade and old storefronts.  The two floors behind the building have since been removed.  The town is hopeful a developer will rebuild these storefronts utilizing the original facings.

Stantonsburg is named after the Stanton family - an early landowning family.  James Stanton was the town's first mayor.  Willie J. Stanton was one of the first commissioners.

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