Burger Boy - Wilson

Throughout North Carolina, in towns large and small, the local burger joint still thrives.  Here, you can get an off-the-grill burger or hot dog, throw some chili or coleslaw on it for good measure, and enjoy a soft drink in a styrofoam cup.  Compared to modern fast-food restaurants, the design is no-frills - a throwback to the walk-up and order days of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.  Some may even still be a drive-in.

Burger Boy has a very classic fast-food restaurant look.

In Wilson, there's one of these old family-owned hamburger joint gems, Burger Boy.  Opened in 1969, Burger Boy has been a favorite stop for many Eastern North Carolinians.  It is located at 201 Ward Boulevard in Wilson.

Everything about Burger Boy is a trip to fast-food restaurants of the past - the design of the sign in the parking lot, the box-shaped building with three sides of glass windows, the overhang with round plastic picnic tables, and the non-digital menu boards.  Plus, the prices are pretty reasonable as well.

In recent times, Burger Boy has become internet famous.  In 2020, they were the site of the viral launch of MrBeast's MrBeast Burger - a virtual chain of restaurants utilizing the ghost kitchen concept.

All photos were taken by post author - January 2010.

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