Laurel Hill

LAUREL HILL - Community along US 74 in Scotland County.  Laurel Hill is named after a Presbyterian Church that was established here in 1793.  The church named itself after a group of laurel growing on a high point in the area.

For decades, Laurel Hill was best known as the home of Z.V. Pate's - a large two-story brick warehouse that was home to many different operations run by the Pate family.  Laurel Hill and nearby residents could find pretty much everything they needed at Pate's - groceries, general goods, hardware, furniture, and more.

Z.V. Pate's Inc. was founded and operated by Zebulon Vance Pate.  Born in 1866, Pate was a very influential businessman in Richmond and Scotland Counties.  Involved in local manufacturing, railroads, and banking, Pate purchased the Laurel Hill General Store and began the Z.V. Pate's Inc. company.  His general merchandise operations would later expand to other nearby towns.

Pate passed away in 1941; however, his family continued running his various operations.  The Pate's Village Foods that operated out of the warehouse closed sometime in the 2010s; however, the hardware store still runs out of a storefront on Morgan Street.  Additionally, the family still operates numerous Kentucky Fried Chickens and Pizza Inns in both Carolinas.

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