Price's Creek Lighthouse

As you approach the town of Southport on the Fort Fisher - Southport Ferry, look to the right (or starboard side) and you will see a lonely brick structure that at one time stood as one of many lighthouses to help navigate the Cape Fear River.

Price's Creek Lighthouse in
1939 - photo courtesy of the
NC State Archives.
The Price's Creek Lighthouse is a two story brick structure built in 1849.  This structure is what remains of a pair of lights on site that were known as the Price's Creek Front and Rear range lights.

The lighthouse was key for the Confederacy during the Civil War as it helped to guide Confederate blockade runners into Wilmington.  The lighthouse was later captured by Union forces; and the light stopped operations by 1867.

The front range light is all that remains of the Cape Fear River navigation system of that era.  By the early 20th century, storms and vandalism had destroyed what remained of the Price Creek Rear Range light.  Fortunately, though basic in its remain the Front Range light still stands.

Today, the lighthouse sits on the property of Archer Daniels Midland and access to the lighthouse is prohibited.  As a result the only current vantage points is at either the Southport ferry landing or on the ferry itself.

Top photo taken by post author - November 2008.

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