A Return to Mayberry

Earlier this year, on a rainy April afternoon, my wife and I visited Mount Airy.  This was Maggie's first time to Mount Airy, and my second visit.  Read about my 2010 visit here.

This time we were in town in time to have a delicious and amazingly affordable meal at The Snappy Lunch.  Their hours are unique - they serve from 5:45 am to either 1:15 or 1:45 pm.  So if you want a small piece of Mayberry nostalgia - get up and get there early.

We walked around town and did a little bit of shopping but dodging the raindrops made it difficult to take any new photos of town.  As we were headed back to the highway, we stopped at Wally's Fillin' Station and a pretty spot-on replica of the 'jail' that Sheriff Andy Taylor made so famous.  Fortunately, the rain had let up just enough to allow us to take some photos.

Wally's Fillin' Station - Mayberry, NC

Wally's Service Station is the starting point for the Mayberry Squad Car Tours - which gives you a personalized tour of Mount Airy and Andy Griffith Show sites for $35 a carload.  On our next trip, we're going to take the tour.

Next to Wally's is a replica of the Mayberry Courthouse and Jail.  And it's very similar to what was on the show.



Sherriff Andy Taylor's Desk

Mount Airy has easily become one of our favorite places to visit during the year.  With nearby Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain State Parks - there's plenty for us to do in a future adventure weekend!

You can visit the rest of the photo set here on flickr.


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