The North Corner Stone

On an oxbow off of US 521 in Lancaster County sits a weathered, beaten-down, old stone pylon.  The stone is fenced off by a simple 4x4 white barrier.  This rock dates over two centuries and is an important landmark forming the North and South Carolina boundary.

The North Corner - named such by South Carolinians - sits at the southwest corner of North Carolina's Union County.  It is the location where the North/South Carolina boundary makes a 90-degree turn from east/west to north/south, or vice versa.

The approximately two-foot-high boundary stone settled a decades-long dispute over the North and South Carolina boundary.  Placed in 1813, the stone dates to a boundary survey commissioned by representatives of both states.  The stone was damaged when hit by a car in 1977.  The incident removed the top portion of the stone, which included the engraved initials 'N.C' and 'S.C.'  The top part of the stone remains at the Lancaster County Highway Department - however, the stone has yet to be restored.

The North Corner Stone was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

All Photos taken by post author - March 5, 2024.

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