Hickory's Union Square

Union Square is the centerpiece of Downtown Hickory. Located within the heart of the central business district, Union Square is home to a combination of shops, restaurants, open space, and public art.

What is now Union Square began during the city's early years.  As the town, then known as 'Hickory Tavern,' was laid out, it included a green space between the Western North Carolina Railroad tracks and Main Avenue. Originally known as Park Place, the name changed to Union Square around 1912.

Over the last 100 years, Union Square's layout evolved into a community space for Hickory residents and visitors. 

Some of the many shops in Hickory's Union Square

It is easy to spend a lot of time within Union Square. Shops and restaurants face the former Hickory train station. A turn down the corner of Second or Third Streets leads to more great places to explore.

Hickory's City Walk runs through Union Square and is the first stage of the planned 'Hickory Trail.' The Hickory Trail is a planned network of over ten miles of multi-use trail connecting throughout the city from Downtown to the Catawba River and places in between.

The recently completed City Walk will eventually connect to other Hickory landmarks and destinations as part of the Hickory Trail.

It's easy to be active at Union Square. The open spaces allow for a throw of a football or kicking a soccer ball. The Sails on the Square provide excellent shade for performances, farmer's markets, or pop-up fitness classes.

Lowes Foods City Park is a great kid-friendly addition to Union Square.

On the west edge of Union Square is Lowes Foods City Park - a playground with a giant climbing sphere and other great activities for kids.

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