Foltz Bridge - Dan Nichols Park

Every now and then, when an old bridge is being replaced, efforts to restore or reuse it are successful.  Such was the case for the Foltz Bridge located within Dan Nicholas Park east of Salisbury.

In 1997, the truss bridge that carried Goodman Lake Road over a small cove within High Rock Lake was scheduled for replacement.  The old bridge had spanned the waterway for over 70 years and would be scrapped if a new home wasn't found for it.

Enter local citizens and community leaders.  Using funds from the J.F. Hurley Foundation, the bridge was dismantled and moved roughly five miles to a new home at Dan Nicholas Park.  The bridge would still cross water - over a cove of Lake Murtis.  Instead of vehicles - it carries hikers and park visitors over a 0.8-mile loop around the lake.  The bridge is also part of the Carolina Thread Trail network.

The bridge is named after Jimmy Foltz, who helped to develop and promote the park as park director.  Dan Nicholas Park began in 1968 when Nicholas donated 330 acres of his land for a community park.  The park has numerous attractions: a wildlife sanctuary and nature center, a gem mine, a splash pad, camping, hiking, and fishing.  The park also hosts an annual Autumn Jubilee - the first weekend of October.

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