Lumber River Bridge - Hoke/Scotland County Line

Hidden in the swamps of the North Carolina Sandhills is a 75-plus year old treasure which has sat unused for over 50 years.  This bridge which had carried former NC 24 and US 15-A is located to the west of current US 401 and crosses the Lumber River along the Chalk Banks at the Hoke/Scotland County Line.
The multiple concrete slab span is in surprisingly good shape, and south of the bridge, a decently good amount of the old roadway is still present and wide enough for one vehicle to drive down.  The longevity of this structure may be in part that the area surrounding the north landing of the bridge is currently used as a boat launch site for the Lumber.  The Lumber River is a North Carolina Scenic River and also a National Wild and Scenic River. 
The Lumber River bridge was replaced in the late 1940s by another concrete structure which still carries US 401 (former US 15-A) today.  The replacement bridge lacks the simple block recess guard rail that the original crossing has.  Rather, it is carries a then-standard 'fence' guardrail design.
What has kept this North Carolina road treasure still standing, I do not know.  Perhaps as a 'dock' for fishing.  Regardless of the reason, the old bridge blends perfectly with the landscape.

Photos taken March 2001.


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