Bridge No. 228 - Iredell County

Not far from the modern highway of Interstate 77 sits a nearly one hundred year old single lane truss bridge.  This bridge, known as 'No.  228', carries Huie Road over Rocky Creek.  The bridge, which was built by the Converse Bridge Company of Chattanooga, TN, sits quietly on the winding dirt road in Iredell County. 
No. 228 was built around 1910 and was later moved to its current location sometime in the mid-1920s. (1)  It's original home is unknown.  Currently, the state wishes to replace the 121 foot long structure; however, it would like to see the bridge have a new home.  If you go looking for this one-lane wonder, it may have been moved to a local park or historical society.  Since 1978, NCDOT has a policy of replacing truss bridges if they are eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. (1)  Although the bridge is currently not registered, the state was actively looking for a new home for the bridge.

I am not sure if the bridge was salvaged or not - if any reader knows. Please let me know!

Photos taken by post author - February 2005


Abandoned NC said…
I do know that the bridge was finally replaced a couple years ago, but I don't know what became of it.

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