Grover Pumpkin Festival

In late October, on our way back from Atlanta, we stopped at the 2nd Annual Grover Pumpkin Festival.  The Cleveland County town that sits on the border with South Carolina boasts that the festival is "North Carolina's Newest Tradition", and judging by the activities here - it's going to be a very popular festival for some time!


For the entire Flickr Set, head here.

The Grover Pumpkin Festival features a little bit of everything from live music...


..that is Southern Experience performing. To various pumpkin bowling, pumpkin chunkin', and even a seed spitting contest.


I decided not to enter that one.  (And I am pretty sure my wife had no issues with that.) Nor did I enter the Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest which was held on the main stage later that afternoon.

There's also a 5k, kids costume contest, "Headless Horseman Carriage Rides", kids area...and of course what fall festival would be without a corn maze!


There are numerous arts & craft vendors along with a ton of food.  Hopefully in future years, they'll add a pumpkin pie baking competition and other pumpkin vendors.

The best part of any Pumpkin Festival is the Pumpkin Carving Contest which is something kids of all ages can enjoy. 


All of the carved pumpkins end up making their way to the "Pumpkin Wall" that is lit at 6pm that evening.


Here are some of the best and unique pumpkins I came across.




You have to give credit to the creator of the Cookie Monster Pumpkin.  We had a lot of fun at the festival, and I highly recommend visiting the festival next year.  It's a great family fun day and we look forward to going in the years to come!

The Grover Pumpkin Festival is held on the Saturday before Halloween in the town of Grover, North Carolina.  Take I-85 just across the state line to Exit 106 at the end of the ramp turn right.  Follow US 29 North for about 1/2 of a mile and turn left onto Cherry Street.  Follow the signs for free parking.


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