Historic information on some old Davidson service stations

Last December, I received an e-mail in regards to some photos of relic gas pumps taken at a Fuel Pizza in Davidson.  I had thought that the gas pumps may have been part of the old station.  But Bill Brannon, age 84 1/2, wrote me to give some more detail on that station and a few other stations in Davidson that are no more - replaced by modern places like a CVS or an office building.  I'm posting Mr. Brannon's e-mail here on the blog in case these items ever get researched.
Please note that this old gas Fire Chief pump was brought in by the Fuel Pizza people. 

The brand of gasoline they sold there was PUROL and was run for a good many years in the 1930's by Harold Mooney.

In another matter, Stowe's Exxon Station on Main St. in Davidson, N. C. was torn down this year and replaced by a 3-story office building.  This station was orginally owned and operated by Willis H. Reid in the 1930's and 1940's.  It was then named Reid's Esso Station.

In still another matter, Bub Cashion's Gulf Station, also on Main St. in Davidson, N. C. was torn down in recent years and replaced by the CVS Drug Store.  Prior to this, there was a movie theatre at this location which operated many, many years until it burned down, I think in the early 1950's.

In a third matter, there was another Good Gulf Station on Main St. (long gone) next to the M&M Soda Shop in the 1940's which was operated by Fred Beadle and later by Cliff Archer.


Brent White said…
Adam, if you're ever in Rowan County, between Salisbury and Albemarle on US 52 is a little town of Gold Hill.

There's an old Texaco gas station there, complete with pumps and the banjo sign.

Next time I'm in Spencer, I'll go there and take pictures for you.

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