When Alexander County was formed in 1847, a county seat was needed.  So, a commission of several people selected an area as close to the center of the new county as possible.  The site they selected would become Taylorsville - which continues to serve as the county seat.

Taylorsville was originally set on 46 and 3/4ths acres of land that was donated by three local landowners.  The town, incorporated in 1851, is named after American General and future President Zachary Taylor.

Downtown Taylorsville

Known as "The Apple Town" or the "Gateway to the Brushy Mountains," Taylorsville is home to over 2,300 residents.  

A mural at Alexander County Courthouse Park showcases the familiar green and gold of the still-operating Alexander Railroad.

The nickname "Apple Town" is a tribute to how apples are a way of life in Alexander County.  An apple tree is within the county seal - and Taylorsville hosts two apple-themed festivals annually. The Apple Blossom Festival is held on the first Saturday of May, and the Apple Festival occurs on the third Saturday of October.

Alexander County Courthouse Park is a new addition to Downtown Taylorsville.

The town boasts the new Alexander County Courthouse Park which sits adjacent to the Alexander County Courthouse.  The green space, opened in 2022, is home to a performance stage, splash pad, playground, and picnic shelter.

The new park has become the centerpiece of activity for both annual apple festivals, the Christmas parade, and other occurrences throughout the year.

Like many towns, Taylorsville is home to numerous churches. The Taylorsville Presbyterian Church is one of the town's oldest congregations.

As the "Gateway to the Brushy Mountains," Taylorsville is the starting point for many of the area's fruit orchards, gem mining, and other activities.

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