On an old alignment of NC 18 in Wilkes County is this charming old general store - Boomer Service & Grocery. It is named after the community it sits in, Boomer.

Over the past five years, the Boomer Service and Grocery has been slowly restored to include benches, a vintage soda machine, and other signs.

Boomer was originally called Warrior Creek - but was later changed to the nickname of the local postmaster, Alexander "Boomer" Matheson.  The name changed to Boomer in 1873 with Matheson as the newly named community's first postmaster.  The Warrior Creek Post Office lasted from 1850 - 1873.

Some vintage soft drink logos on the restored soda vending machine.

Over the past five years, the old Boomer Service & Grocery has slowly been restored. Since about 2018, the Boomer sign has been restored, excess brush and trees cleared, vintage signage has been added, and an old soda machine featuring classic logos of Royal Crown Cola and others has been added.  The old store has become a popular spot for photographers and Instagrammers, along with the occasional visitor enjoying a pleasant drive.

Say Pepsi, Please!


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