King is a city of about 7200 residents that reside in two counties, Forsyth and Stokes.  Legislatively, it is a relatively new town - the community was officially incorporated in 1983.  However, King and the surrounding area have a long history prior.

King was named after a local landmark - a double log cabin owned by Charles and Francis King.  The cabin, built in 1926, was known locally as King's Cabin.   The Kings would move north before the Civil War - but their cabin remained.  When a post office was established here in 1888, the postmaster named the town King's Cabin.

Downtown King is home to numerous specialty shops.

Also, in 1888, the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad began service to the community on its way to Mount Airy.  A depot for the community was built ahead of time - and the new railroad included a stop at King's Cabin.  The name of King's Cabin wouldn't last much longer; however, the railroad shortened the depot name to King, and the post office followed not long after.

King is home to The Stokes News - a local community paper.

Since its incorporation, King has continued to grow, nearly doubling in population since 1983.  The downtown area is a National Historic District and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 2002.  King calls itself the "Gateway to the Foothills" and is a short drive from Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain State Parks.

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