Flat Rock

For centuries, the North Carolina mountains have been a great retreat from the hot, humid Summer Weather.  Many mountain communities have been created just for that purpose.  The Village of Flat Rock, a destination for wealthy early 19th centuries Charlestonians, is one of the first mountain communities developed for this purpose.

The community, named after a smooth outcropping of granite that once was a Cherokee Indian ceremonial ground, began seeing many visitors from Charleston in 1807.  The destination would continue to grow when Mountain Lodge opened in 1827.  This historic home still stands today and can be toured.

Colorful Corner is a nod to Flat Rock's Charleston influence.

The influence of the numerous South Carolina visitors earned the Village the nickname "Little Charleston of the Mountains."  Charleston's influence can still be seen today along Greenville Highway (NC 225).  Numerous storefronts are painted in bright pastels - a nod to Charleston's famous "Rainbow Row."

The intersection of Greenville Highway and Blue Ridge Road is known as "Colorful Corner" - home to an eclectic blend of businesses and restaurants.  Anchored at the corner is The Wrinkled Egg, a gift shop specializing in local craftsmen and artisans. Hubba Hubba BBQ and the Flat Rock Village Bakery are both found here.

The former Flat Rock Post Office now serves as a museum.

Flat Rock is home to the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site and Flat Rock Playhouse - the State Theatre of North Carolina.  The former Village Post Office is now home to the Flat Rock Historic Cultural Center and Museum.

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