Salisbury Graffiti Park

For cities and towns of all sizes, deciding on how best to utilize new open space left by razed buildings is not an easy riddle to solve.   The blighted building may now be gone, but now an empty lot of gravel and overgrown weeds remain.  Some towns have turned these spaces into mini parklets, small amphitheaters, and other creative ideas.

In Salisbury, I came across one of the more unique and creative uses of open space and celebration of public art.  The Art & Graffiti Park, also known as "Graff Park," has been located on South Main Street since March 2018.

The park, free and open to all who wish to use the space, is home to 12 art walls of various sizes and three expression rocks.  The park encourages anyone and everyone to express themselves on these surfaces.  Of course, there are rules against vulgarity, hateful messages, or other graphic items.

The park is a colorful gateway into Salisbury.  It was a pleasant surprise for me one January afternoon that I had to stop and check it out.  It was certainly not something I had planned on seeing in a smaller city like Salisbury.

The local community has responded very favorably to the park and the creativity of the street artists.  In 2019, a 'Paint Jam' at Graffiti Park raised funds for additional improvements.  The festival also included a live art contest.  The winner earned a $500 commission to create a showcased their work at Salisbury's Fish Bowl Park.

All photos taken by post author - January 30, 2021

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