Odell School

Odell School is an unincorporated area of Northwestern Cabarrus County.   The community is named after W.R. Odell, who founded the first textile mill in Cabarrus County, Odell Mill.  Odell School can also be for Odell School Township which was originally named Deweese Township.  Today, Odell School Township is now known as Cabarrus Township Number Three

W.R. Odell High School was established in 1929 consolidated several local rural schools.  At one time, the school was home to grades K through 12.  Odell High School consolidated with Winecoff High School to form Northwest Cabarrus County High School in 1966.  The former high school would continue to house up to grade eight when Northwest Cabarrus Middle School opened in the 1980s

The school, now just for grades K-5, would later close and be replaced by a new Odell Elementary off of near by Moss Farm Road.  However, in 2016 a new school opened on the site of the original Odell School - Odell Elementary for grades 3-5 opened.  The Moss Farm Road school became Odell Primary School for grades K-2.


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