Broadwell Grocery - Knightdale

The former Broadwell Grocery in Knightdale is another one of the many old country stores found along Poole Road in Eastern Wake County.   Long abandoned, the old store was run by James Broadwell, who owned the land surrounding the store.

This local store had two gas pumps and at one time boasted gasoline from the Sinclair Brand.  Mr. Broadwell's store was also where locals were able to get fresh homemade sausage.

I've driven and biked past this old store many times, and the deep reds of the painted wood siding and faux-brick paper has always caught my eye about this place.  But when I stopped to take a closer look, some of the details like the rusted out old thermometer or the faded Val-U Independent Grocery sticker that is displayed in the front window stand out even more.



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