Old Stretch of US 220 - Montgomery County

Throughout out the Central Piedmont, there are numerous old roads.  Drive down any rural highway on a warm summer day and you'll see a sleepy old road that will tempt you to drive it.  Former US 220 in Northern Montgomery County is one of those old roads.  It's not long - in fact it's broken up into two pieces - but it is worth exploring.  The old highway is now called Asbury Church Road; however, the worn concrete pavement screams of old highway 220.
It's not hard to find this old piece of US 220.  From the US 220 Freeway, take exit 42 (Black Ankle Road) and head east towards US 220 Alternate.  For the northern segment of Old 220 - Turn left onto US 220A north and Asbury Church Road will be about 1/3 of a mile to your left.  For the southern segment - Turn Right onto US 220A South and Asbury Church Road will be about 1/2 mile on your right.

All photos taken by post author - June 16, 2007

Asbury Church Road heads south towards Black Ankle Road through local farmlands.

Looking back north towards US 220A.  There's really no need for passing lane pavement markings as the road dead ends at Black Ankle Road.

A typical scene along Asbury Church Road (Old US 220).
Asbury Park Road is blocked by a barricade as Black Ankle Road runs between the two segments of the old highway.  The southern segment of Asbury Church Road is seen in the distance.

The barricade that halts traffic heading north on Asbury Church Road.  The southern segment of this road is slowly beginning to be overrun by the land.
The southern segment of Old US 220/Asbury Church Road curves back towards US 220A.  Asbury Park Road is one of numerous segments of Old US 220 throughout the Central Piedmont.



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