Caesar's Head State Park & Raven Cliff Falls

Just south of the North Carolina State Line on US 276 is South Carolina's Caesar's Head State Park.  The nearly 7500 acre park rest atop the Blue Ridge Escarpment and is named after the granitic gneiss outcrop that rises over 3,200 feet above sea level.  The park is known for it's hiking, bird watching, fishing and overall sight-seeing.  There are over 30 miles of trails within the park grounds including the five mile Jones Gap Trail that connects to Jones Gap State Park.  Together, Caesar's Head and Jones Gap combine to form the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area.

A popular stop within the park is the Visitor's Center which is located along US 276.  The Visitor's Center is a great place to learn more about the park and take in some incredible views.  There are also a number of hawk watching programs that run out of the Visitor's Center.

View of Table Rock and Table Rock Reservoir from the Caesar's Head Visitor' Center Overlook

Raven Cliff Falls Trail:

Just north of the Visitor's Center on US 276 is the trail head access to the Raven Cliff Falls Trail. This trail is the most popular within the park and leads down to the 420 foot Raven Cliff Falls.  There are two view points of the falls - the first an overlook which is shown below and also at a suspension bridge near the base of the falls.  We were unable to make it to the base of the falls the day my wife and I visited the park in 2011.

Hiking within the park requires prior registration and a self-serve $2 per hiker fee.

Raven Cliff Falls


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