Bridges BBQ - Shelby, NC

Bridges BBQ - Shelby, NC, originally uploaded by Adam's Journey.
This is a little different...and this could become a niche within the niche.

Red Bridges BBQ is located on US 74 East in Shelby. Bridges has been a Shelby and Cleveland County tradition since 1946. Since 1953, Bridges has had the same home along the Highway 74 East Service Road.

This past April, I had my first taste experience of Bridges. My friend Steven and I were taking a brief Sunday Morning photo trip of the area, when we stopped to take a few photos of the restaurant. (See below)

Bridges was just about to open and the owners of the lodge invited us in to give us a tour on how they create their outside brown barbecue pork. After the tour, we sat at the counter and I enjoyed their delicious famous BBQ and sauce.

The top photo was used in a small write up about Bridges on
On the web: Bridges BBQ Lodge --NC BBQ Society


What a photo, dude! :)

I told my wife that I want to travel the NC BBQ trail so that we can eat some good NC BBQ... and even clinch some more NC counties, to boot.

Your photos are top-notch and I'm happy that you are getting the recognition you deserve.

Keep up the good work, Adam!

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