It would be easy to miss or forget Star. It's bypassed by the Interstate - left behind on the 'Alternate' route.  A little over 800 people live in Star. Star and nearby Candor are the two smallest towns in Montgomery County.

However, exit off the Interstate onto US 220A and into Star, and you will find yourself right smack dab in the center of North Carolina.

Just outside of the town limits is the geographic center of North Carolina.  Surveyed by the Army Corp of Engineers, a plaque marks the exact location.  However, the marker is located on private property, and the general public is not allowed access.

Downtown Star. (Adam Prince, 2007)

Star was first known as Hunsucker's Store - named after Martin Hunsucker.  The community's name was changed to Star by a local merchant, Angus Leach.  Leach served as the community's postmaster while also operating a hotel and general store.  Leach named the community 'Star' because of the town's elevation. Star was visible in all directions.  In 1897, not long after the railroad came through the area, Star was incorporated as a town.

The former Bank of Star building (c1910) is part of the Star Historic District.

Downtown Star is quiet - many former rail-based or hosiery manufacturing buildings stand empty.  Many of the architecturally historic buildings within Star still stand.  Downtown Star is part of the Star Historic District and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 2013.

The old Star Town Jail was built in 1928 as a jail and town office.  It has been recently restored - and is the only remaining town jail still standing in Montgomery County.

Star is one of the select few towns authorized by the postal service as a "Christmas Town." The designation allows the Star Post Office to have a unique holiday cancellation stamp. Each mailed item is hand-stamped. During the holidays, citizens will either visit or send their packages to the Star Post Office to have their cards, letters, and gifts stamped for the holidays.

The old Bonkemeyer Store building on South Main Street.

Every March, Star hosts the Star's Fiddler Convention - one of the oldest in the state.  The first Saturday of October is Star Heritage Day - a homecoming for those who call or have called Star home.

All photos taken by post author - December 22, 2023, unless otherwise noted.

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