A look at Downtown Asheville

This is something I would like to do more often.  Many times, I will walk around downtown of cities large and small within our state.  I have been wanting to incorporate them into this blog, but I always never get around to it.  Hopefully, that will begin to change with this post from a recent trip to Asheville.

Downtown Asheville is a city with a surprise in every corner.  Art deco buildings, street musicians, art galleries , fine food, and mountain charm all result in a local flare that is unique to anywhere else.  This entry is just a small sample of Asheville, but you'll certainly get a feel for the town's personality.

My entire flickr set (33 photos) is hereIn June of 2008, I also took photos of downtown Asheville and they can be found here.


The S.H. Kress building is one of Asheville's numerous art deco era structures.  The four story building was built in 1928 and housed the S.H Kress Department Store.  It was renovated in 2000 and now is home to an art gallery and residential condominiums

A popular spot for tourists near and far is the Mast General Store located on Biltmore Avenue.  From outdoor clothing and equipment to bulk candy, it's a must stop.

So many choices!

Street musicians and artists can be found on nearly every corner in Asheville.  Like this banjo picker outside of the Mast store...


...or this harmonica and guitar playing one man band outside a local bookstore...


Dinner tonight was at the Posana Cafe, one of Asheville's newest, and is located in the heart of Pack Square.  The restaurant specializes in Contemporary American Cuisine.


One of the bigger initiatives in Asheville is a buy/eat/live local lifestyle - and many businesses in Asheville participate in this movement.  In the windows of many storefronts are signs that read "Buy Local and See the Difference".  This sandwich board outside a local deli on Haywood Street is a great example.


Unfortunately by that time, it was getting dark and difficult to take photos.  Asheville is a lively and eclectic city - and a world of different from a more corporate city like Charlotte or the state capital of Raleigh.  The city prides itself on its unique personality, and a walk through the streets of downtown Asheville showcases that personality throughout.


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