Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock

Located only a few miles apart on US 276 in Transylvania County, Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock are must-see Western North Carolina attractions.

Looking Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls is one of the more popular waterfalls in Western North Carolina - and this rainy Friday afternoon was no exception. A feature of Looking Glass Falls is the ease of access to the falls. The falls can easily be viewed from US 276, as there is a parking area on the northbound side of the road. From there, it's a short walk to the viewing platform. If you want a closer look, all you need to do is head down the staircase.

The staircase from the viewing platform leads to great photos of Looking Glass Falls.

Two miles up the road is Sliding Rock. 
Sliding Rock may be more popular than Looking Glass Falls. Sliding Rock is a 60-foot natural waterslide; and a popular spot to cool off in the summer.  Throughout the summer season (Memorial Day through Labor Day), Sliding Rock is manned by National Forest Service staff (including lifeguards). There is a minimal $1 per person entry fee.

Sliding Rock was empty when we visited.

As tempting as it was to slide down and into the 7' pool at the bottom, the cold water and rainy conditions weren't worth the risk. Oh well, there's always another trip during the summer!

(Note: This is a duplication of a post that I originally posted to gribblenation in May 2010.  I've included it as part of the Crossroads project).

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