Gramling Opry House

In my travels, I have found numerous old country stores.  While some are still operating, many others have long closed.  What I have found most interesting is although many stores no longer have penny candy, dry goods, and hardware - some old stores carry on as music venues.  An old store used for a new musical purpose is the case for an old country store along US 176 in Gramling, South Carolina.

The Gramling Opry House has kept an old country store alive.  On most weekend evenings, the Opry House hosts live music from many different genres.  Bluegrass, country, and gospel are most common.  During the shows, the Opry House serves fresh-brewed coffee, tea, and light snacks.  The venue is a favorite among locals and residents from Greenville, Spartanburg, and Asheville.


How To Get There:


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