Exchange Park Lane Bridge - Hillsborough

Just to the south of Downtown Hillsborough as US 70 Business and NC 86 prepares to cross the Eno River, there is an offshoot of the original highway.  Now called Exchange Park Lane, this quiet two lane road features an 85 year old concrete 'T' beam bridge over the Eno.  This bridge which most likely carried a former alignment of NC 10 (The Central Highway), along with US 70 and NC 86 - is a fitting feature to this 250 year old town.  The bridge is a rather simple structure but its white paint and pedestal street lamps at both bridge landings make the bridge very unique compared to nearly all standard issue bridges of yesterday and today.
To get to this 1922 bridge, follow NC 86 or US 70 business into Hillsborough.  If you are approaching Hillsborough from the North, the bridge is just south of downtown and sits to your left before US 70 Business/NC 86 crosses the Eno River.  If you are headed into Hillsborough from the south, Exchange Park Lane is the first left after you cross the Eno River.

Photos taken by post author - May 2007.



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