Hendersonville Walkabout

Sometimes overshadowed by its big brother Asheville to the North, Hendersonville is a charming, fun, and quieter Western North Carolina Mountains town that is worth a visit.  Located in Henderson County and a gateway to the recreation areas of Pisgah and Nantahala Forests, known as "The Four Season City" Hendersonville brings small town charm to residents and visitors year round.


Home to numerous bed & breakfasts, specialty stores, and great restaurants - Hendersonville is a hidden gem within Western North Carolina.

Square 1 Bistro - Hendersonville, NC

One of the unique things you will see while walking through Hendersonville are BEARS!  Well not living bears, but highly entertaining handpainted porcelain works of art.  Known as "Bearfootin'" these works of public art have become staples of the Hendersonville street scape since 1998.  Every few years, the bears are auctioned off with proceeds going to local charities.


It's Tourist Season


Hendersonville has also embraced the success of the recent movie, "The Hunger Games".  With many parts of the movie shot in nearby DuPont State Forest, Hendersonville has welcomed fans of the book and the movie with their warm and friendly hospitality.

For my entire set from Hendersonville, head to flickr.


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