Kenly, originally uploaded by Adam's Journey.
Kenly is named for J. I. Kenly an official of the Atlantic Coast Line Rail Road. Settled in the 1870's; it was incorporated in 1887.

The Governors Community of Excellence Program began in 1979. Most towns have awards listed from 1982-1985. I have yet to see a year older than 1985 on any similar signs.


Rick Stewart said…
Kenly was named for John Reese Kenly, who came to eastern North Carolina in the 1880s to purchase land for the Wilmington and Weldon Railway Company. He later transferred to the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Company which later because the Atlantic Coast Line. Kenly celebrated its centennial in 1887 with Congressman Martin Lancaster as guest speaker. Source: Kenly News Centennial Edition, March 4, 1987
Rick Stewart said…
Kenly celebrated its centennial in 1987, the 1887 was a typo.

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